Multichannel Eye Movement Integration: A New PTSD Treatment Paradigm

Several traditional PTSD therapies give concerted attention to changing irrational thoughts about traumatic experiences to more rational characterizations of what transpired. Other therapies favor addressing the sensory and somatic symptoms associated with traumatic experiences, believing it’s more important to help clients work through those negative reactions, rather than focus on an event’s cognitive aspects. One …

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Why “Evidence-based Practices” for PTSD are Not!

The American Psychological Association’s position statements regarding “evidenced-based practices” (EBPs) have caused major rifts within the mental health practitioner community. The problems began when APA adopted a 1990 policy stating that only treatment methods demonstrating superior reductions in symptoms based on a research method called randomized controlled trials (RCTs) should be considered “evidence-based.” Results from …

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DSM-5 PTSD Diagnostic Criteria

The diagnostic criteria for PTSD contained in the American Psychiatric Association’s Fifth Edition of the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists several requirements that must be met in order to diagnose PTSD. Every mental health practitioners who treats clients with trauma disorders should have a complete understanding of these requirements in order to avoid misdiagnoses. …

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