Vincent Soo, Integrative Trauma Recovery Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

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Vincent Soo, Integrative Trauma Recovery Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist
Complex Trauma, PTSD, Relational Trauma, Childhood Trauma, Anxiety & Depression
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Vincent specializes in helping individuals to overcome the emotional wounds from childhood and complex trauma, as well as mitigating symptoms of anxiety and depression. He also specializes in relationship coaching, marriage counselling and affair recovery therapy.

Vincent is not a typical therapist and coach for trauma recovery. His expertise is deeply rooted in his own history of traumatic events, such as witnessing domestic violence, surviving physical mistreatment, facing emotional neglect during his childhood, being bullied, navigating ADHD symptoms, and confronting grief. He took responsibility to heal these deep-seated emotional scars and have integrated his own experiences into his professional training as a trauma recovery specialist.

Vincent has committed himself to a deeply meaningful quest: to assist individuals and couples in not just managing but truly healing from the traumas they have experienced. He aspires to create a world where people do not have to merely disguise their mental health issues, but are empowered to live lives that are genuine, satisfying, and filled with purpose.

The spotlight on Vincent is not limited to his work; he has been a voice of change on a larger stage. His insights on the stigma around mental health issues and recognizing their signs caught the attention of Channel News Asia (CNA), leading to a live interview that aired in 2018.  Other than H.O.P.E. Alliance, Vincent also run a private practice with a focus of working with couples on their relationship challenges, marital problems and extra-marital affairs, as well as individuals on trauma recovery therapy and inner child healing.

Vincent is also an author of his new book – Threads of H.O.P.E.: Weaving Resilience through Complex Trauma.


Professional Certifications:

Certificated Clinical Trauma Specialist
Certified MEMI Practitioner
Certified Positive Psychology Coach
Certified Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist
Certified Hynotherapist
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified Inner Child Recovery Process Specialist
Certified Relationship Coach
Certified Infidelity Recovery Coach
Gottman Method Couple Therapy (Level 1 & 2)
Certified Gottman Leader of “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” Couple Program
Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator
MSocSc (Counselling), BA (Psychology)

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