Multichannel Eye
Movement Integration

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Among the Accolades

Steve Andreas, one of the creators of Eye Movement Integration, called this book, “An exceptionally clear and jargon-free guide on the leading edge of trauma treatment.” Jennifer Sweeton, author of Trauma Treatment Toolbox and a leading trauma trainer, has described Mike’s book as, “ . . . a must read for mental health clinicians looking to bolster their competence in treating trauma . . . sure to be used as a reference guide, workbook, and instruction manual for years to come.”

Dr. Mike Deninger

Welcome to the website of Dr. Mike Deninger and Trauma Counseling & Training of Tucson. “Dr. Mike” is an accomplished educator, mental health therapist, author, trainer, and public speaker who is a leading proponent of the use of eye movement integration therapies for PTSD and other mental health disorders.
Joachim Lee PBM

Joachim Lee PBM

Our licensed MEMI trainer in Singapore

Joachim Lee, PBM is a Senior Principal Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Certified Counselling Supervisor, Neurofeedback Therapist and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He is an international trainer and speaker, a Founding Member of ISPA (International Strategic Psychotherapy Association) and the founder of Counseling and Trauma Recovery.

Brian Simmons

Join us in welcoming Brian Simmons as our new licensed MEMI trainer. Brian is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in trauma & stress-related disorders. He and his wife (Dr. Stephanie Thurston-Simmons) co-own and operate both New Solutions Counseling & Trauma Center and HC Solutions Training and Consulting in Southlake, Texas. Both have extensive experience with first responders and human trafficking victims.

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MEMI Trainings and Certifications

MEMI Clinical Training for Hearing Practitioners

This on-demand MEMI training is designed for credentialed mental health practitioners. Learn MEMI from the comfort of your home or office. Includes video sessions, eye movement graphics, detailed instructions, therapist scripts and assessments.

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MEMI Clinical Training for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Practitioners

This is an on-demand American Sign Language (ASL) version of the MEMI clinical training. The seminar was designed specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing professionals and others fluent in ASL. English voice over and captioning are included.

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MEMI Life Coach

This course is designed for Life Coaches, Hypnotists, NLP Practitioners, First Responders and mental health support personnel whose work frequently brings them in contact with persons with trauma histories. Emphasis is placed on NLP principles that gave rise to eye movement therapies rather than the clinical aspects of trauma treatment.

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Certifications | Trauma Institute International

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PLEASE NOTE: Beginning June 26, 2024, all MEMI training webinars will be hosted permanently on this website! Between now and then, they will be temporarily unavailable for purchase as we move them from the Arizona Trauma Institute website. Questions can be addressed to Dr. Mike @ [email protected] or Joachim Lee @ [email protected]