Winifred Ling (M.Couns, CMEMIP-1)

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Winifred Ling (M.Couns, CMEMIP-1)
Couples therapy, relationship coaching, trauma, applied positive psychology
Detailed Information

Winifred is a Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach at Promises Winslow Clinic. She holds a Master of Counselling from Monash University.

Winifred is passionate about the development of human flourishing in children, family and couple work. Her work entails transforming relationships and breaking negative cycles in families. As a trained couples therapist and parent herself, she empowers families with the tools of emotional regulation, communication, conflict management and other skills in romantic competence. She has 20 years of experience in working with individuals, with an expertise in relationships. She also has experienced in working with clients who have experienced the trauma of infidelity, addiction, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect.

Winifred has a wide knowledge and skills; consequently she develops and conducts workshops in the areas of mental health, relationship, parenting, mindfulness and compassion, and applications of Positive Psychology.

As a stroke survivor and having gone through two brain bypass surgeries for the treatment of Moya Moya Disease, she sees her life as a second chance, and is driven to lead a purposeful life that uses her strengths, knowledge and skills in the service of others. Her superpowers are gratitude and empathy.

Winifred has been blogging at on living a flourishing life since 2011 because of her giftedness in writing and love of learning and sharing. Her passion is to work with individuals and couples to pursue the relationships of their dreams and create awareness on the importance of early intervention in seeking professional help.