Joachim Lee, PBM

Joachim Lee PBM

Joachim Lee, PBM is a Senior Principal Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Certified Counselling Supervisor, Neurofeedback Therapist and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. He is an international trainer and speaker, a Founding Member of ISPA (International Strategic Psychotherapy Association) and the founder of Counseling and Trauma Recovery.

He holds a Master of Social Science in Counseling and has over 22 years of clinical experience with professional qualifications in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and the science of neurofeedback. He specialises in treating trauma and emotion-based issues.

His clinical expertise, in both assessment and treatment, is garnered from 22 years of experience with clients from all walks of life and across multiple areas of the human psyche, including the mental, behavioural and cognitive disciplines. He has worked at a residential home for homeless and alcoholic women, a family service centre, in a youth residential care program, at the National University of Singapore Counselling Centre and the Psychiatric and Psychological Therapy Centre. He served as the Director of the Family Service Centre (FSC) and headed the FSC as its Clinical Director and Supervisor for 14 years (from 2005-2019). From 2009 to 2021, he was appointed consecutively by three mayors to assist in nation building under the Northeast Community Development Council. He chaired the CARE committee and one of his main contributions was the establishment of five employment placement centres that helped to find jobs for the unemployed. His passion lies in trauma treatment and recovery. He particularly enjoys using the tremendous application of Multichannel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI) and training professionals in the art and science of MEMI.

In recognition of his dedication and voluntary service to the nation, Joachim was conferred the Pingat Bakti Masyarakat/ Public Service Award (PBM) by the President of Singapore, Mr Tony Tan, in 2016.

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Joachim Lee on Releasing Trauma with Eye Movement
In recognition of his dedication and voluntary service to nation building, he was conferred the Pingat Bakti Masyarakat/Public Service Award (PBM) by the President of Singapore, Mr Tony Tan, in 2016.

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