MEMI Training

Trauma Counseling & Training of Tucson has partnered with Arizona Trauma Institute (ATI) to offer Multichannel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI) training to national and international audiences. ATI is an established training and certification group based in Mesa, Arizona but with affiliate groups in a number of other countries. To learn more about ATI’s training and certification programs, visit and its allied certification program at

On October 25 & 26, 2021, the first in-person and live MEMI webinar was presented by Mike Deninger in Mesa and broadcast internationally. On or around January 1, 2021, the presentation will become an on-demand webinar which will satisfy one requirement for MEMI certification through ATI. After viewing the program, individuals can attain MEMI certification by completing an exam based on the webinar with 80% proficiency, and after participating in four coaching sessions offered through Trauma Counseling & Training of Tucson (TCTT). 

Alternatively, now that the global health crisis is improving, individuals seeking certification could also complete the training requirement for certification by attending a comparable MEMI seminar offered by TCTT. These trainings are offered to small groups and mental health organizations or in conjunction with national and international conferences. However, in all cases, the webinar, testing and certification will be managed by ATI and the coaching sessions by TTCT.


MEMI Training and Certification for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Therapists 

An exciting new training for deaf and hard of hearing (DHOH) mental health professionals is currently under development and will launch in 2022. Historically, this cadre of professionals has been forced to attend seminars designed for hearing individuals in order to obtain CEUs for licensure. Although federal law requires the provision of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for meetings of this sort, occasionally interpreters are not provided or those hired lack adequate ASL proficiency. DHOH professionals would undoubtedly prefer to attend seminars where the presenter uses ASL as the language of instruction. Unfortunately, seminars like this are a rare occurrence. 

To address this need, ATI and Mike Deninger will design, record and broadcast the two-day MEMI intensive training for a DHOH audience, and ASL will be the language of instruction. Discussions are also underway with Gallaudet University, the only liberal arts university for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the world, to partner with ATI and TCTT to market this unique program to professionals in the U.S., Canada and across the globe. Like other ATI trainings, it will be offered one time as an in-person and live webinar, and then carried as an on-demand webinar on the ATI website. For more information about this innovative undertaking, watch for updates on this website, at, or email Mike at